10-year-old drag artist has a massage to LGBT youth


Desmond Napoles, who you might know better as the drag queen ‘Desmond is Amazing’ (what a suitable nickname!) opens up about acceptance, politics and drag looks. The young performer is now acquainted with the queen of drag, RuPaul, as well as other LGBTQ celebs like Tituss Burgess, but believes that his biggest inspiration comes from his own family. “If somebody says that it’s not okay to be LGBTQ, then just tell them to pay it no mind because they will not be as jolly and holly as the person who is getting bullied by that person that says it’s not good to be LGBTQ,” said the boy, adding that his life moto is to stay the way he is no matter what, and if you are faithful to your true self then it is much easier to tackle haters. The drag queen also spoke about Donald Trump and talking about him during the holiday periods. Desmond quipped: “As long as they’re not talking anything good about him.”


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