Bruce Springsteen had locked lips with his saxophonist some time ago, fans are still excited


Pictures of Bruce Springsteen and his late saxophonist, Clarence Clemons, sharing kisses are going viral years after and fans don’t try to hide their excitement. Twitter user Dan Cassaro shared a series of images showing the two band members kissing on stage writing that for the first time they did it during the tour in support of the Born in the USA album and continued kissing on the stage over and over again. “Anyone lucky enough to have seen those guys’ , (& the E street band), performances would know that live vibe was so damn good that you’d feel like kissing everyone,” one of the Twitter users wrote. Springsteen is known as a prominent LGBT ally. Speaking in 1996, he said that it was important to introduce marriage equality because “It’s part of your place in society, and in some way part of society’s acceptance of you.” Last year, the musician cancelled shows in North Carolina after the state passed it’s controversial bathroom bill which prevented trans people from using bathroom facilities according to the gender identity.


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