Holocaust survivor died before receiving conversation


A 99-year-old gay man who was persecuted by Nazis for his sexuality and received no compensation, has passed away before the German government considered his request. Wolfgang Lauinger died aged 99 on Tuesday. He spent eight months in prison from 1941 to 1942 because of his connections to the “Swingkids”, an anti-Hitler youth that praised American culture. The activist was one of the leading campaigners against Paragraph 175, a piece of legislation that considered homosexuality a crime and this law was abolished in 90s. After the war, Lauinger was arrested once more in 1950 after police raids on local gay spaces. He was kept for five months under violation of Paragraph 175. The time of his arrest is now commonly known as the “Frankfurt Homosexual Trials” in which over 200 people were arrested. Many of those arrested committed suicide out of fear of the alternative punishment they would receive. Lauinger was thought to be the last survivor of the trials and was released as the witness would not testify against him.


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