Instagram and Facebook suspend Ramzan Kadyrov


Last week the President of Chechnya discovered his social network accounts blocked. “They wanted to annoy me, but failed. Which is the only thing that pleases me in the Instagram activity, as well as that of their handlers in the White House. I’ve been long thinking to leave that social network, but didn’t want to upset my friends and followers – almost four millions (sic) of them,” Kadyrov commented, accusing the USA of suspension. And if it could be (to Kadyrov’s mind) an excuse for Facebook, he has no idea why did Instagram do so. “The network has long been pretending to be independent from Washington D.C. and their move came right after the US Treasury sanctions. They might block the accounts, but they will never be able to block Ramzan Kadyrov name – nor the social media, neither their handlers,” the Chechen leader stated. The US imposed fresh sanctions on the leader, who orchestrated an anti-gay purge, earlier this week. It came after original sanctions were imposed under the Magnitsky Act, which has been used to punish Russian individuals and officials responsible for human rights abuses, after first reports of the murders of LGBTQ+ people in the area were revealed.


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