Roy Moore spoke about his rival’s gay son


In a sinister move this week, Moore, who is known for his anti-gay position, spoke about the son of his former rival Doug Jones who has recently come out as gay. Moore shared his attitude about it via social media. Silently, with no signature, but still, he used to say that Jones (Senior) is LGBT supportive and from Moore it not a compliment. One of the media users commented: “Well the way I see it if god wanted us to be with men on men and women on women and black with white he would have put us on earth that way guess what we are not that way it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve so with that said don’t push it on me I get sick and tried of hearing this crap. Just like Obama and the dem’s always trying to push it on us letting men go to girls bathroom just because one day they wake up and say so today I am a woman but to some that is ok well not by me it is not ok I don’t stand for it.” The Daily Beast points out that the disgraced candidate should probably not be an adviser about a fatherhood, his own son already has a quite long criminal record.


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