Vatican’s Christmas Nativity scene turned scandalous because of male nudity


The festive scene was unveiled at the Vatican in Rome to remind people of the Christmas story, but people’s attention in it was attracted to something that is unlikely related to Jesus Christ and His birth. The Nativity scene includes representations of the seven corporal works of mercy. The seven corporeal works include ‘clothing the naked’ – and boy does the statue deliver on the ‘naked’ front. It features a very athletic-looking man who is entirely naked in a suggestive pose, while a brightly-dressed man reluctantly hands him a cloth. A man was well-shaped and attractive and the gay community admitted it. Anti-LGBT Catholic website LifeSiteNews is worried that the entire thing is a conspiracy by gay activists to undermine the church. But designer Antonio Cantone has insisted there’s nothing homoerotic in the design, though he admitted it to be provocative. The Pope explained of the artwork: “This year’s Nativity scene, executed in the typical style of Neapolitan art, is inspired by the works of mercy. They remind us that the Lord has told us: ‘Whatever you wish men to do to you, you also do to them’ (Mt 7.12). The crib is the suggestive place where we contemplate Jesus Who, taking upon Himself the miseries of man, invites us to do likewise, through acts of mercy.”


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