X factor contestant claims to have been kicked out of the bar for being gay


Jack Remmington, who appeared on the UK version show as part of the duo, Jack and Joel, said he was denied in service byone of the restaurants in Sheffield. The 23-year-old wrote on Twitter last week that he has been ensured that homophobia is still alive and it is a massive problem. “Shout out to Dale for throwing me out of the club with my hands locked behind my back like I was being arrested,” he wrote. The singer said that the bouncers cited the dress code for kicking him out for having his shoulders bear, which was reportedly forbidden by the restaurant dresscode. He was wearing a white vest with a shirt over the top. Remmington explained that he was wearing the shirt just off the shoulders when the bouncer approached him and asked him to adjust the shirt. He added: “I asked why and he snapped my arms behind my back and threw me out.” When his friend tried to help him he was forcibly thrown aside. On the website for the Forum, the dress code states that sportswear, tracksuits and caps are not permitted. However, it does not specifically state that it is obligatory to cover shoulders. A spokesperson for The Forum responded to Remmington on Twitter. “Firstly, we’d like to say we’re sorry that you feel or team ejected you from our premises because of your sexuality. We find the idea of discriminating against anyone because of their sexuality, gender, race, religion or disability morally repugnant. Having reviewed CCTV footage, you were asked to adhere to our dress code more than one and refused then tried to evade our security team,” they added. “You were then removed from the premises.”


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