Cher was announced as Mardi Gras headliner


Rumours are rife that Cher is to headline Sydney Mardi Gras in 2018, Morning Herald reports. Mardi Gras is going to mark its 40th anniversary next year alongside celebrating marriage equality being legally recognized in the country. The paper says Cher is “almost locked in” to the event. Last week the Australian Radio Network appeared to break an embargo by publishing a story declaring Cher was coming to the town. And though the article was retracted, it is sill visible in cashed forms. Brandon Bear, co-chair of Sydney Mardi Gras, declined to confirm Cher’s inclusion to the newspaper, simply saying “no announcement has been made”. He added that “part of the excitement of the party is waiting to find out who the headliner will be.” But Cher as a social media adept may soon reveal all secrets by herself. “Where am I going in March?!” she asks her Twitter followers.


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