School cancels anti-homophobic workshop due to parents’ complains


Students at a school in Quebec were scheduled to receive four workshops from non-profit group Prima Danse, but after the second one the program was cancelled. In the second workshop, the sixth-grade class had been shown an image from photographer Olivier Ciappa’s series “Imaginery Couples.” The project photograph celebrities posing same-sex couples and families. However after the class the father of one of the pupils branded such a class as inappropriate and urged other parents to join him in boycotting classes. “These questions have to be discussed with young people. It all depends on the moment, the way it’s done,” Education Minister Sébastien Proulx said in defense of the workshops. Christian Provencher, the school board’s director, says this is not necessarily a permanent move, and that they will be meeting to discuss revisions to the program. Quebec has just recently made sex education from first grade compulsory, including education on same-gender relationships, a move that will be instituted from next September.


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