Weatherman from Kansas City came out via social network


In a beautiful Christmas post, Kansas City Channel 41 weatherman Gary Lezak wrote that his love is so strong that it even helped him to overcome a terminal disease! He said that he had chosen to come out now to be a role model for those young people that are struggling with their sexuality and those parents who don’t know how to react when their LGBT kids come out to them. Lezak told his followers on Facebook that after 25 years in Kansas City, he felt it was “important” to come out though he has never actually been ‘in’ – his friends, family and colleagues have always known he was gay and he never tried to hide it. He has a partner named Andy and they are together for two decades. “He’s been my rock through some of the most difficult times. In 1999, I was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. I endured some of the most potent forms of chemotherapy known. Andy was there! Andy and I set goals to celebrate, which involved trips to some of our favorite places; Las Vegas, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean,” said the man, adding that he proposed his partner and he said yes. “It’s my hope that by sharing a little more about me, others will feel more comfortable to be themselves too. Young people who may be struggling with their sexuality, and their parents who may be trying to process it all as well, I know it is not easy. It can be quite scary. I am hoping to be a good role model for the LGBTQ community.”


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