Aaron Carter talks about the terrifying weight loss


Aaron Carter feared he was on the brink of death after his weight plummeted to just 115 pounds. This number was known to Aaron as Micheal Jackson had the same weight when he died, so the bisexual singer was really afraid that he might leave this world soon, and he desperately wanted to live. “You know what I mean? I would stress out because of all the stuff going on inside of me, and then I’d lose all this weight, and then I get in a bad relationship. Then that sh*t would stress me out, and then I would be emaciated – 115 pounds. I couldn’t believe it,” Aaron said. He loves Michael Jackson and follows him in music, no denying. But Carter would never want to follow his idol in the way he died, so the situation required immediate changes. Carter checked into a rehab centre in a desperate bid to get his health back – and said that now he is quite alright, he is inspired to write a new music and he is ready to find his One and Only (no matter a man or a woman). Explaining the process of treatment he said: “I struggled from an eating disorder, so I had seven ulcers. I was, like, 115 pounds, super malnourished. It was tough, you know, it was tough a bit on myself, but the Alo House where I went was incredible. They helped figure it out for me what was going on with me, and there are other things going on, like, I suffer from PTSD. I have a lot of trauma from my past and a lot of loss, so that’s something I have to deal with on a daily basis. I did detox and through that detox, I gained, like, two pounds every day. Twenty-eight percent of body weight I gained. I took a break, and figured out what was going on in my mind, and the things that were really festering up and bothering me. I’m still figuring those things out.”


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