Church encourages priests to stop calling God ‘He’


The Church of Sweden has advised its clergy to apply gender-neutral pronouns referring to God. It advised members of the clergy to avoid referring to God as the Lord and the Father, praying in the name of the Holy Trinity instead of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The changes to the church handbook for services are aimed at reforming the church in correspondence with the modern society rejecting patriarchy. Of course, it is impossible to provide punishment for priests that will use an old terminology, but they will be inspired not to do so. Antje Jackelen, the Archbishop of Uppsala and Primate of the Church of Sweden, explained that the Church has always taught about God using a mixture of male and female attributes. She told PBS NewsHour: “God is beyond our human categories of gender. It’s actually already in the Prophet Isaiah in the 11 Chapter. God says, I am God, and not human or a man. God is beyond that, and we need help to remind us of that, because due to the restrictions of our brains, we tend to think of God in very human categories. We are not worshiping political correctness. We are worshiping God, the creator of the universe.”


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