Roy Moore demanded re-election after losing


It’s been nearly three weeks since disgraced Republican Roy Moore lost his Senate bid by 1.5% but he is still unable to accept it and claims that such results were nothing but a fraud and election should be held again to find a real winner. And the candidate filed an eleventh-hour challenge demanding to investigate the election results,to “postpone the certification of Alabama’s Special Election by Secretary of State John Merrill until a thorough investigation of potential election fraud”, that he claims “improperly altered the outcome of this election”. The demand was satisfied but it was proven that there was no fraud. Moore went on saying that as for sexual misconduct allegations against him, he successfully did a polygraph test which showed that he had not abused anyone. It is great if it is true, but it does not erase that fact that Moore is a cruel homophobe.Moore has openly admitted that he thinks “homosexual conduct should be illegal”, and has also compared gay sex to bestiality, saying: “Just because it’s done behind closed doors, it can still be prohibited by state law.”


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