Some think that Mariah Carey wrote a Scottish Christmas anthem


Auld Lang Syne has long been a traditional part of the annual celebrations, especially in Scotland, but according to the polls, people hardly know whom it was written by. Written in 1788 by Scottish poet Robert Burns, the song is set to the tune of a traditional folk song. But people aged between 17 and 24 have no idea about it and make rather interesting suggestions about the song’s origin. In part, 3% of the polled think it was Mariah Carey who wrote the anthem, though she was born more than a century after it was written. 45% of those polled also thought Snoop Dogg’s lyrics to his song New Year’s Eve – “And every time I see you shine. It’s like the lights of midnight. On New Year’s Eve” – were part of the song. 40% of those polled mistakenly identified lyrics from The Beatles songs as Auld Lang Syne, 60% thought Abba lyrics were from the song, and 34% thought Taylor Swift lyrics were sung.


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