America’s biggest churches are not affirming LGBT


Megachurches across the US are preaching that homosexuality is bad, study finds. Church Clarity launched earlier this year to monitor whether LGBT issues are taught about in churches and how. The organisation looks at the teachings of individual churches, to break down a list of those that are LGBT-supportive and those who are not, but the study found that there is no big church which would preach for LGBT. 0% of the 100 largest churches in the US, as listed in Christian magazine Outreach Magazine, have LGBT-affirming policies. A further 54 have unclear policies on LGBT issues, while 11 omit all mention of the issue from publicly-accessible records. Southern Baptist megachurches were the most likely to actively preach rejection of LGBT people, with 62% found to do so. 47% of Independent Christian Churches also rejected LGBT people. Given the old-school conservatism, it is perhaps unsurprising that the largest churches have racial and gender prejudice as well.


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