Church of Scotland’s LGBT-supportive reverend is now a knight


The Very Reverend Professor Iain Torrance will be given a knighthood for his work in enabling the Church to formally apologize to gay people for the previous anti-gay policy and to bless their unions in perspective. The priest convened Kirk’s theological forum to challenge the issues which are controversial for the modern Christianity. The Very Reverend led the forum which challenged the church’s attitude to same-sex marriage until May 2017, in which Torrance spearheaded a report that said the Church should be able to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. The landmark apology also It also said that the Kirk should apologize for failing to recognize that gay people also can have Christian vocations. “We recognise that as a Church we have often failed to recognise and protect the identity and Christian vocation of gay people and believe that the Church as a whole should acknowledge its faults,” read the report, led by Torrance. “Scriptural condemnations of same-sex sexual activity were framed in cultural contexts very different from our own and referred to individual acts rather than committed and faithful people willing to enshrine their relationships in vows before God.”


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