Football fans are upset that their favorite pub is replaced with a gay sauna


The Annie Millers pub closed down in May 2016, and fans who thought it might re-open in its own right are now disappointed that there will be a gay sauna instead. Owners Andre Graham and Seamus Sweeney have announced that the bar will be used as a feeder bar for the sauna. The pub used to be known for being frequented by Rangers supporters as memorabilia and Union flags adorned the walls. But now such an audience is unlikely to attend the venue. The pub was bought by Sweeney and Graham for £425,000. The married couple previously sold a nightclub in Belfast called Kremlin which was sold for £3 million. Reports quoting upset Rangers fans about the take-over noted that the sauna was raided by police back in 2010 amid a crackdown on sex work. A Mirror report notes that some people were arrested.


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