Sarah Michelle Gellar thinks her son deserves a glam manicure


Sarah Michelle Gellar went for manicure with her 5-year-old child and shared it on her Instagram. The fact that he is a boy does not mean that he cannot shine bright and be glamorous if he wants to, Sarah feels. When the mom was planning too have her nails done, her daughter Charlotte was also there, and 5-year-old Rocky asked her whether it would be possible for him to go too. And Gellar found no reason to refuse, separating children by gender and saying ‘A girl can and a boy cannot’ and vice versa is not right, the actress believes. She shared the pics on her Instagram Story, showing the mother-and-son’s set of matching sparkly black nails – while Rocky’s sister chose blue ones. ‘We match’ – Gellar signed her Instagram post. Her followers reacted mostly positively, calling this story a great example of perfect motherhood.


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