This trans man wants to join the military and to challenge the POTUS


Nicolas Talbott, a transgender man who has been dreaming about the military career for years says that he is getting closer to his dreams and he will file an application this year. Mr Talbott, who has already been in touch with a military recruiter, will schedule an appointment with the Military Entrance Processing Station, currently he is getting ready for the physical evaluations and other tests which are required. But he is hoping that, if the Trump administration fails to bl;ock him he will make history as the first openly trans militant applied after the scandalous ban. “This whole process with the courts has been a roller coaster. We are doing well, but we are not out of the woods yet. I’m trying to stay wary, and I’m definitely nervous that we might hit another setback,” the 24-year-old told CNN, “My Air Force recruiter is just sitting and waiting. He knows I’m ready. We’re just waiting on policy at this point — for the official paperwork to hit his desk. There really is nothing about allowing transgender people to enlist that is going to be a detrimental to the military at all,” he added speaking to Buzzfeed.


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