Ugandan lesbian tried to kill herself twice as she was denied asylum


A gay Ugandan woman has attempted suicide after the Home Office did not allow her to apply for asylum. Lazia Nabbanja, who is currently being detained in Yarl’s Wood detention centre, fears that she will face persecution because lesbianism is illegal in her native country Uganda. Her family may be extorted and subjected to violence. Abbey Kiwanuka, who has been supporting Nabbanja in her role as a member of the Out and Proud African LGBTI group, said: “She’s very distressed. Her lawyers phoned me on Tuesday and asked if someone could visit her because she’s in a bad, bad state. The Home Office have to consider what is going to happen to her if she is deported. Her picture is widely available and as soon as she lands the immigration authorities will be aware she is coming. It will be difficult for her as soon as she gets off the plane.” The Home Office refused to comment the situation.


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