Australia is asked to rule out rollback of discrimination protections reviewing ‘religious freedom’


A petition has launched urging Australia to avoid undermining existing discrimination protections for LGBT people if so-called religious freedom law is applied. The country’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ordered a review of ‘religious freedom’ protections in the country to find a compromise with those wo opposed same-sex marriages when they were legalized in the country. The review will be headed by former Liberal frontbencher Philip Ruddock, a strong opponent of LGBT rights who was key to a 2004 push to ban same-sex union s and forbidding gay couples to adopt. In 2006 he also sought to block a gay Australian man from marrying in the Netherlands, refusing to grant a ‘Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage’. Ahead of the review, national LGBTI advocacy group launched a new campaign asking at least not to erase those rights they already have. The group has launched a petition to the Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom that strongly opposes any roll back of discrimination law. Equality advocates have called for the LGBT community to be represented on a review of religious freedom because the issue disproportionately affects LGBT people.The review will report back in March.


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