Black Mirror fans are dissatisfied with the lack of LGBT representation ion the new season


Fans of Black Mirror have shared their outrage online as the Netflix show now includes much less LGBT characters than it used to. Most notably, the Emmy award-winning episode San Junipero was celebrated for it’s heartbreaking love story between two female characters. However, fans are disappointed in the release of season five as it fails to include any LGBT storylines. It was hinted that episode four, Hang The DJ, would include some representation but a fleeting five seconds of lesbian action left fans frustrated. On Twitter, fans complained that the show had let itself down since it’s San Junipero past. They were disappointed with the hype around the new season and this particular episode. However, someone else disagreed and believed that Hang The DJ was good, although had room for more representation. They wrote: “While I love #HangTheDJ, let’s consider for a moment that we gays basically gave the world dating apps, yet aside from a quick “lesbian try out session” for the main character LGBT people don’t seem to exist in this world. #BlackMirror”


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