Scientific research would allow same-sex couples to have their biological kids


Last month, scientists in Britain announced a major breakthrough which will make it possible in future to produce sperm and eggs from human cells. A milestone has been passed on the way to producing sperm in a laboratory, according to University of Cambridge’s developmental biologist Azim Surani, who was speaking at the Progress Educational Trust annual conference. If further steps are made so same-sex couples can use their DNA to produce the sperm or egg, it could make both same-sex parents totally equal in rights because in most countries laws support only biological parents. Recent tests with stem cells have produced working mice sperm. Other scientists have injected human cells into the testicles of mice that produced cells that looked like sperm, but could not fertilise eggs. The natural process of creating sperm and eggs is known as meoisis. This process only takes 13 days with mice, but can take up to eight weeks with humans.


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