There are just 8 house spaces which are believed to be safe for queer Ukrainians


Homosexuality is legal in Ukraine, but the society, especially older generation which grew up in the Soviet Union, is very far from being LGBT-accepting. While queer Ukrainians are only protected by a thin veil of legislation, they are disowned by their families and violently attacked on the streets for just being who they are. In a bid to help, gay rights group Insight launched a shelter in 2014 to help LGBT people in need – but the emergency accommodation is unable to accept more than 8 people at once. The shelter, which provides a lifeline for LGBT people, offering food, clothing, medicines, a travel card, as well as legal and psychological help, but it is definitely not enough for such a big country as Ukraine. The shelter, which was originally opened to help those fleeing conflict in the eastern part of the country in 2014, has now opened itself up to other regions that are caught in Ukraine’s current unrest.


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