Uber driver kicked out a gay couple for kissing


The two men, Randall Magill, 28, and Jose Chavez, 26, said that the taxi driver in their native city Houston, TX, kicked them out when they shared a kiss. Randall and Jose were coming back from a party at a friend’s home where they celebrated their engagement, but when they called a taxi the festive mood was gone. It’s not the first time that Uber customers have said they have experienced homophobia from drivers. Randall defended himself and Jose, who he said did nothing to deserve their driver’s reaction. “I’ve never heard of anyone being asked to stop kissing anywhere, especially when you’re just peck on the lips,” said Randall. The driver denied that it was a homophobic discrimination and insists that he kicked out straight couples from the car for kissing too. Randall said that the driver stopped as quickly as possible to eject the pair into the middle of nowhere, at around 4am. Randall said he had never thought of Uber as homophobic, but now he has changed his mind.


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