Anti-gay Michelle Bachmann wants to come back to the Senate


Bachmann, who served in the House of Representatives since 2007 till 2014, has always been a prominent opponent of LGBT rights. She insisted that gay people wanted to erase a concept of age which is appropriate for consensual sexual relationships. To her mind gay people were trying to legalize child molestation, though there is no country in the world where it would be legal. And not all child molesters are gay, as well as not all gays are child molesters, but Ms Bachmann is really impossible to convince. The Republican hinted that she plans to stand for the Senate seat in Minnesota vacated by embattled Democrat Al Franken. Speaking to evangelical TV host Jim Bakker Bachmann said that people of her native state of Minnesota have contacted her and asked to represent them and to advocate their interests in the Senate. “If you stand up for Biblical principles in DC, the blades come whirring and they try to chop you off. This is not an easy place to be. We’re trying to be wise. Should we do this? Shouldn’t we do this?” she asks.


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