Lesbian sheriff challenges the homophobic Governor of Texas


Guadalupe “Lupe” Valdez, a four-term sheriff, will be running as a Democrat in the primaries this year, she is one of 35 openly LGBT hopefuls that are trying to change the conservative moods in the Republican-controlled Lone Star State. The total includes Valdez’s Democratic rival for Governor, Jeffrey Payne, a former International Mr Leather who owns the famous Dallas gay leather fetish bar The Eagle. Payne congratulated Valdez and said that the state in which a gay man and a lesbian woman are running for seats in the Office has already reached a great level of progress in LGBT acceptance. Defeating anti-gay Republican incumbent Greg Abbott will be another matter for Valdez but she is not afraid considering that fact that Abbott definitely won’t be supported by LGBT population due to his records. Last year, Abbott said that passing a bill to stop transgender people using public bathrooms was his top priority. He was a leading voice in backing a frenzy of anti-LGBT legislation in Texas, after the Trump administration ended Obama-era legal resistance from the federal government against discriminatory state laws in North Carolina.


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