Snapchat star Bobrisky confirms being gay and tells people to mind their own business


The Nigerian social media star has confirmed again that he is a gay man and if there is someone who does not like it, he would advise these people to either make up their minds with it or unfollow him. After being forced to remove an Instagram post sharing his sexuality last year, the star, whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, has posted to Snapchat that he is in relationships with a man, they have intimate relationships and there is nothing wrong about it in the modern society, just live your own life and let other people live their. In another post, the star declared that this was the “year for husband snatching”. “Prevent your man from adding me on here because I will use him and drain him especially if I don’t like him. When I am done I will send him back to you. Be warned,” he added. Bobrisky was allegedly arrested for coming out as gay by the Lagos police force in November 2017. Authorities have said that they cannot imprison him unless he is “caught in the act”.


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