10-year-old drag artist launches a drag club for his peers


Desmond Napoles is a gender-fluid boy going on Instagram as ‘Desmond Is Amazing’. He loves drag, as our readers may already know. And he is sure that he is not the only child with such a hobby, so drag lovers who are under 16 deserve a venue of their own. And Desmond has recently launched such a venue by himself, though 16 is not the highest point there – his drag club is for those who are 20 and younger. . “I’m inspired by Alig, Richie Rich and all of the Club Kids, RuPaul, Nelson Sullivan, Marsha P. Johnson, the Blitz Kids, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Commes Des Garçons, AltDrag, and do-it-yourself drag,” says the young performer who designs his outfits by himself and advocates LGBT rights, He claims he “came out of the closet when he was born,” adding that growing up, he would “endlessly clomp up and down the hallway in his mother’s high heels (and still does).” And now, he has established the Drag Haus of Amazing, which he has called “the first and only drag house exclusively for drag kids who are doing AMAZING drag.” His website describes how Desmond is aiming “to bring young drag kids, bio queens, drag kings, and anyone else who loves drag together in a safe, positive, worldwide online community.”


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