Hong Kong equality watchdog believes there is no need in surgery for trans people to be recognized


A Hong Kong equality watchdog has said transgender people should be recognized by their true gender even if they had not undergone gender reassignment surgery. The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has urged the territory’s government to allow people to identify as transgender if they have made a “statutory declaration that he or she intends to live permanently in his or her affirmed gender”. While LGBT activists demand a change in the law, local Christian leaders remain resistant. They have proposed changes to facilities and social policies instead, such as gender-neutral bathroom policy. The EOC published its findings on Tuesday, finding that “comprehensive gender recognition legislation” was required and the state officials “should not be [consulting] on whether a gender recognition scheme should be introduced in Hong Kong but rather what kind of gender recognition scheme should be adopted”, said EOC chairperson Alfred Chan Cheung-ming.


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