Paris Lees spoke about trans rights and appearing on the Vogue UK cover


Vogue, which was taken over by Editor Edward Enniful in April of last year, has dedicated its February issue to “The New Suffragetes”, including women who are fighting for equality and succeeding in it. Writer, journalist and transgender rights activist Lees took to Twitter to say that she feels that her womanhood is celebrated.“Look how far we’ve come. It’s insane that I could be in Vogue. A trans kid from a council estate. People at school told me I’d never be a girl, would never be pretty enough, would never be accepted,” she twitted. The group have women have been brought together in the issue to speak about how they define equality. “When a baby’s born, we don’t ask whether it’s a boy or girl, we ask whether it’s healthy,” hopes Lees, “Feminism is about pushing for the rights of women, and that includes all women,” she added.


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