Star Trek’s Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz talked about how it felt to lock lips


Star Trek actors Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz are playing gay characters and both actors are gay themselves. They made history with the first same-sex kiss on Star Trek.The kiss, during the mid-season finale of Netflix’s Star Trek: Discovery, was between Rapp’s Lieutenant Paul Stamets, a top scientist, and Cruz’s Dr Hugh Culber, a medical officer. Rapp, who has also starred in Rent, said they knew that the kiss is to be scandalous and history-making. Moreover, it was a goal they wanted to reach. They ask a producer to allow the characters kiss, they asked him about it over and over again until he finally gave up. “When it happened it was a good time, it was earned and had a meaningful impact, and it was satisfying,” said Rapp, “If it had happened earlier, it probably wouldn’t have had the same meaning. I appreciated the relationship was revealed in subtle ways; it was part of the fabric of the ship.”


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