Trans rights to be reformed in Scotland


The Scottish government has vowed to push on with reforms to gender recognition laws as Westminster stuck with a process on the issue. Last year the UK’s Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities Justine Greening had announced plans to review the Gender Recognition Act, a 2004 law according to which trans people are legally recognized. LGBT advocates had called for the law to be streamlined to reduce the hurdles that transgender people have to jump through to get a Gender Recognition Certificate, adopting a simpler ‘self-declaration’ system that already works across the EU. But the Scottish government has vowed to push ahead with changes itself. A separate consultation on reforms to the GRA has already launched in Scotland. The Scottish consultation considers proposals to make it simpler and less intrusive for transgender people to access legal gender recognition, and considers options to give non-binary people legal recognition for the first time in the UK. The consultation, which launched in November, will close on March 1.


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