Lesbian murdered in a hate crime attack


Noxolo Xakeka, 23, was tragically murdered on New Year’s Day in South Africa. She was subjected to homophobic slurs and then stabbed to death. Xakeka was on her way to a party at a neighbour’s house with a group of her friends including her girlfriend when she confronted a man who started making inappropriate comments about her sexuality. According to the reports the criminal shouted that she and her girlfriend needed to “stop this business” leading to a fight to break out. Carol Cox, a manager at the Triangle Project which is providing support for Xakeka’s family and friends, said that the victim tried to show resistance. The suspect then allegedly followed Xakeka and her friends into the neighbour’s home before stabbing her repeatedly. She was rushed to hospital and later died of her injuries. her family is not ready to speak about her death yet.


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