Sam Smith says Brandon Flynn made him believe he deserved happiness


The 25-year-old British singer is not trying to hide that he is happily in love with the 13 Reasons Why actor. Sam says that he has never loved himself, he has never thought that he wold ever be happy because he did not believe happiness to be something he truly deserved. But when we see our reflection in the eyes of people who love us, we understand how amazing and beautiful we can be. And this is what has happened to Sam when he met Brandon. And speaking to V Magazine, Smith said he is completely happy with Flynn and he has no doubt that he deserves this happiness, he wants to write new songs, full of love and happiness, he has never felt so positively inspired, most of his songs are sad. But this era is officially over. Sam’s fans are very glad that their idol finally understood that he should be happy. Every person in this world should feel what it means to love and to be loved, to be a shed of light in somebody’s life which make their own life fil and worth living.


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