Same-sex couple rejected from panto after performers asked a married couple to come up


Nigel Sears-Adams, who attended a performance of Dick Whittington at The London Palladium on 14 December with his husband Peter Sears-Adams, says he felt embarrassed and deeply offended after an encounter with Paul Zerdin, who played Idle Jack in the production who asked the man to come up with his spouse. But the thing is that the performer mistook his female friend for his wife and Nigel’s actual spouse Peter was sitting right beside. Nigel informed the performer that yes, he was there with his spouse, but it was not the woman as Zerdin had thought. “Zerdin was so insistent that although neither of us had any wish to go up onto the stage, with the spotlights on us, I said to Peter that we have no option but to go up,” said the man. But as they stood up and prepared to go on stage they were told to stay sitting. “When he asked for a “hetrosexual couple” I was appalled by this discrimination and the only positive thing was the large cheer and round of applause that we received from the 2000 + people in the theatre…which ended up adding to our complete embarrassment,” he added. Nigel and Peter did receive an apology from the production company, but feel it does not compensate for the humiliation they endured, saying that a simple apology won’t be enough.


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