Same-sex wedding video caused crackdown in Saudi Arabia


Authorities in Saudi Arabia have reportedly carried out raids in response to a video showing a wedding ceremony of a same-sex couple. The clip, which features two men in traditional Saudi dress went viral last week and caused a huge backlash and a wave of homophobic slurs. One message blamed foreigners for spreading “corruption”, while others criticized the new Crown Prince who has previously promised to modernize the country. It has sparked a witch hunt in the country – as the country’s authorities sought now trying to track down the people on the video as homosexuality is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia and can be punished up to death penalty.The New Arab reports that the wedding took place near Mecca last week, citing an account from Arabic-language Saudi newspaper al-Marsd. The report of the wedding have not been confirmed, with some speculating that the clip was not real, it was planned as a joke.


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