Stephen Fry won’t be the host of BAFTA anymore


Stephen Fry has stepped down as host of the BAFTAs after 12 years of successfully hosting the ceremony. The comedian and TV host announced today that he would not be returning to host this year’s British Academy Film Awards, saying that every single ceremony he hosted was a pleasure for him and he was deeply honored to be a part of it. He is sure that BAFTA will stay in his memory forever. “Every one of the twelve BAFTA film award ceremonies that I had the privilege of hosting has a place in my memory. The mixture of glamour, glory, drama and – occasionally – embarrassment and hiccup holds a unique place in the British film calendar. Over the last two decades I have especially loved watching the emergence of new young film talent behind and in front of the camera,” said Fry. But now he feels that it is time for BAFTA to move forward, to change, and it needs some fresh blood. “I want to thank all the production staff, Amanda Berry and her wonderful BAFTA colleagues, the BBC and all those who helped make every year so enjoyable. I reserve especial gratitude and imagination for Ivor Baddiel and Phil Kerr, whose work on the scripts was so skilful it made people think I’d written every line myself,” Fry concluded in the statement.


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