Trans woman fights for a better representation of her community on TV


A transgender woman is helping to work towards better representation and tackling anti-trans discrimination. Jenny Kirk appeared on British Channel 4 new series, Biggest Little Railway and she insists that it is very important for trans people to be represented on TV alongside cis ones. 38-year-old Kirk, who is a trans lesbian married to Conservative politician, was one of the team leaders on the show and her identity has never been a problem there, though the producers knew about it, the woman ensures.“It was never made a thing of and I think that’s been very important for me, trans inclusion. We can just be normal transgender people that are treated like everyone else and on this shoot that’s exactly what happened,” she adds. Kirk, who is a writer and broadcaster, said that trans inclusion means being included somewhere without parroting about being trans.“I was treated as someone who is bringing skills to the mix and that was great and that shows any trans person who might watch this that we don’t have to be this kind of curiosity we can just be an ordinary person.”


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