Diana Ross had some fun in a gay bar


The gay icon and the singer of the superpopular gay anthem I’m Coming Out showed her love to LGBT community again. The singer decided to pay a visit to The Abbey in West Hollywood, and it is one of the most famous LGBT venues across the USA. She danced to every single track and it was noticeable that he was enjoying every second she spent there. 29-year-old son Evan Ross – an actor who has starred in Pride and the Hunger Games series – was also there, proudly watching his celebrity mom. Diana Ross has been a long-term inspirer of the LGBT movement. In 2015, Great British Bake Off star and food columnist Ruby Tandoh used I’m Coming Out to – well, come out. And last year, the fact that Ariana Grande sampled the song in her track Break Your Heart Right Back was one of the reasons Billboard controversially named her its “gay icon of the generation”. The former Supreme’s ongoing impact could also be seen when Ellen DeGeneres used her song titles to slam an anti-gay law in Mississippi.


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