India Willoughby was rejected by Ginuwine


India Willoughby was branded a “victim” after leaving a conversation with Ginuwine who said that he would rather choose not to go out with someone who is trans. “You’d go out with a woman but not a transgender woman?” she continued, and he confirmed. India complained that there is a really low chance for trans women to meet someone to go out with. “Guys have chatted me up without knowing my past but when they find out they go ‘woah’,” she went on. It is sad, but not everybody is ready to give India some support.“I am one hundred per cent sure that we are living with a victim. She’s gonna find every reason to walk away. If one of the men in this house said I’m not attracted to black women do you think I’d cry. Who f***ing cares”, Malik Haqq said. Willoughby earlier this week refused to accept an apology from Amanda Barrie who misgendered her this week. Willoughby was misgendered by three housemates Ann Widdecombe, Rachel Johnson and Amanda Barrie this week in the Big Brother House.


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