Lesbian shot and burnt alive


Kerrice Lewis, 23, was shot and locked in the boot of a car before it was set on fire, the police of Washington DC report. The car on fire was discovered by the police when they arrive at the crime scene in the evening on December 28. The victim was alive and screamed trying to get out of the boot. The woman was an orphan, her father was killed and her mother died of a terminal brain disease, Kerrice had been living with her grandparents since she was 11. Her grandpa says she was a lovely smiley girl who could light up a room when she just walked in and started talking. She was full of life and loved every moment. An ex-girlfriend of the victim and her best friend, Mercedes Rouhlac, said she had no enemies and remained friends with everyone, however complicated the relationships were. Friends who knew Lewis said people who knew her were “broken”. Police currently have no motive or suspect in the killing.


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