Riverdale male character was proclaimed a lesbian style icon


Fashion website Autostraddle decided to teach the readers how to dress like Jughead Jones. of Riverdale. And at first glance there is nothing wrong, he is a very stylish guy. But the words chosen to describe his style are mildly speaking controversial.“There are a number of shows out there with real lesbian characters, and I love a lot of them!,” wrote writer Molly Osterlag. “What I love less, though, is the depressing tendency for lesbian characters to get killed off, and the rarity of a gay relationship ever being a show’s main romance,” she continued. “That’s why my girlfriend and I play a game when we’re watching TV, which entails pointing at pretty much any character at all and declaring that they are Definitely a Lesbian. What matters the most is their gay vibe — an ineffable quality that has something to do with good hair (bonus points if they have chemistry with another Definitely Lesbian character on the show),” she added. As for Riverdale, failing to find any lesbian there, the journalist said that everybody was a lesbian there except Archie, so she chose Jughead as her favorite, regardless of that fact that he is actually a man and it made the Internet furious.


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