Ryan Murphy was physically abused by his father when he came out to him


Murphy has been speaking out ahead of his new show Pose, which is set in 1980s New York and shows depicting the iconic queer ballroom of that period in the city and involving more transgender cast and crew members than ever before. Speaking to reporters, Murphy revealed that he had an especially personal connection to the show, according to Deadline. In one scene, a character’s father finds out he’s gay and “beats him bloody with a belt,” according to Murphy who said that this episode was totally based on his real-life experience, this is exactly the way his dad reacted when Ryan revealed to him he was gay. The Emmy Award-winning director, who has a son with his husband David Miller, said he could never have imagined then whom he would become. “I can’t believe my life and can’t believe that things have changed so radically in my lifetime,” he said while talking about the period in which Pose is set. If you asked me then if I would be allowed to be married and have children like you, I never would have believed it,” he added.


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