LGBT people of Ghana cannot find food and a place to stay


Lesbian, bi and gay people are treated like second-class citizens in Ghana, the new report shows. People cannot find shelter and die of starvation because their families disown them and they cannot find jobs because employers don’t want to hire LGBT people. And in a bid to repeal the law that destroys the lives and livelihoods of LGBT people in the country, Human Rights Watch interviewed homeless LGBT people of Ghana. “We can’t ever go home again,” said a lesbian to the human rights publication, who was staying in a hotel in the city of Kumasi and who had been starving for several days. After her girlfriend mentioned their relationship in public, she was arrested and disowned by her family. A total of 114 LGBT people were interviewed and had suffered violence at the hands of mobs and even by their own family members when their sexuality was revealed. Under a Colonial era law, same-sex activity is illegal, and widely condemned in the nation, leaving LGBT unable to support themselves.


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