LGBTQ people in Uzbekistan apply for asylum


The LGBT people in the post-Soviet country are terribly persecuted and it forces them to seek asylum abroad, the new reports says.As well as threats of violence, LGBTQ people have reported being threatened with death and they say that anti-LGBT discrimination has deep historic roots in the country and it only grows with time. Human rights activists in the country have reported that there are numerous LGBT Uzbek looking for the way to escape the country and its homophobia. One trans woman, identified only as K, said that she was brutally beaten by Uzbek police and security forces a number of times between 2014 and 2017 after she refused to out other LGBTQ people. The woman was granted an exit visa by Uzbek authorities and she headed to Moscow. When she reached there, her asylum request was denied on the basis that her persecution as a trans woman was not “justifiable” grounds.


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