Oprah thinks of presidency


The friends of one of the greatest TV presenters of our times have revealed that she is considering running for the US Presidency in 2020. Fans and allies have speculated on whether she would start a political career, but Oprah said neither ‘yes’ nor ‘no’. Now two of her closest friends have spoken to CNN that indeed, Winfrey has such ambitions and some people of her surrounding are actively insisting that she should try herself in politics or even ruling the country and she is not resisting them. It is not a spontaneous idea, the TV mogul has been thinking about it for several months as she is dissatisfied with the current POTUS and his policy, so she believes that the country needs changing. Winfrey, who is a strong supporter of LGBT rights, campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, and endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. During Clinton’s campaign, she discussed the prospect of a female president and said “America, it’s about time that we made that decision.”


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