Toby Young resigns following a scandal caused by his appointment


The man who once came under fire for his anti-gay comments on Twitter, has resigned from his responsible post in order to avoid further backlash. Journalist and free schools advocate Toby Young announced that he will no longer be an Office of Students board member after citing that his appointment was providing a “distraction from its vital work” as thousands of people signed a petition demanding him to leave. After commenting that working-class students at Oxbridge are “stains”, students with learning disabilities are “illiterate troglodytes” and writing several comments about women celebrities’ breasts, LBC’s James O’Brien brought several comments to light saying Young did not deserve his post. In response, Young went on to remove around 50,000 tweets from his micro-blogging website after they reemerged. Calls were also made from Labour to sack Young, who said that the comments proved Young was “completely unsuitable” for the role.


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