9-year-old drag performer faced terrible abuse


Canadian Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden (drag name – Lactatia) made headlines last year stealing the show from Blanca Del Rio as he appeared on stage in drag and asked the more experienced performer about how to become a sure drag queen. The child believes that if you want to become a successful drag performer and your friends and relatives are not ready to understand and support you than you do not need such people in your life. Now Lactatia has modelled for LGBT clothing company House of Mann and quickly became a target for homophobic abuse, PinkNews reports. The nine-year-old has been targeted with vile comments, while House of Mann owner Brandon Hilton has received death threats and thousands of accusations of paedophilia. The boy’s mother Jessica says that all this hate is totally disturbing and these people don’t realize that drag is a performance first of all, it is an act, a part of a culture, it is not connected with having gay sex (drag queens can be gay, but it is not the defining feature) or, God forbid, child abuse. “Every time we’ve gone viral, the internet is up in arms about it! For myself personally, I don’t feed the trolls and I don’t care what people have to say, no matter how profoundly awful. It really doesn’t bother me!” said the proud mother.


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