New equality chief is chosen in the UK, the future of LGBT reforms is still unknown


As we reported yesterday, Theresa May has removed Justine Greening from her position of Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities.  She was offered to move to another post but refused and left. The PM has announced that Amber Rudd will fold the crucial equalities brief into her Home Office responsibilities, but the question whether she will continues Greening’s work on the gender recognition reform and making LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education mandatory across the country still remains open. On her website, Rudd has written that she was “pleased that the Government announced it will keep issues such as gender self-declaration under consideration”. She promised that the gender recognition procedure will be reviewed in order to ‘demedicalize’ it as much as possible. “As a country, we have come a long way in terms of lesbian, gay and bisexual equality. I now want to see the same national determination for transgender people,” she added.


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